It's Amazing What Baking Can Do


We're Dana and Bryan! Your Pie Love team! You might have seen us on House Hunters on HGTV! That information is not relevant at all to pie, but we still like saying it.

Do you ever have those moments when you just don't feel like yourself? Well friends, here's the inspirational story of how that feeling led to amazing and delicious things!

After a draining few years in grad school, Dana was feeling defeated and tired. Dana loves rules. Like, really loves rules. Following a recipe and having it turn out perfectly provided her with the structure and rewards that grad school did not. Enter: PIE! Not only could she follow the recipe and get perfect results, but sharing with her friends got her lots of compliments.

And let's be real here, compliments are nice. 

Then came the fateful trip to New York City where Bryan and Dana got to see Waitress the musical. It's the story of Jenna Hutcherson, a waitress in a diner who is stuck in a life she doesn't want to live. Inspired by events in her life (like, "Falling in Love Pie"), she makes delicious, award-winning pies.  It's through baking that she redefines her life and finally finds happiness.

Dana left the musical feeling inspired and Pie Love was born!

Where does Bryan come in you ask? Well he's probably the best husband and sous chef a girl could ask for. When Dana came up with this crazy idea to sell pies during the summer, Bryan was her biggest cheerleader. You can find him pitting cherries, or making sure Dana doesn't go Hangry on pie day. 

Our Pies

We are a Cottage Food Kitchen, meaning we only bake fruit pies. Not only will you get those down-home pies that remind you of your grandma, but we love to experiment with new flavors too! (Have you tried our Blueberry Bacon?) We bake with fruit that is in season, and our all-butter crust is chocked full of dairy and gluten. YUM!